The beauty of uncontaminated nature

Colours and shades that become poetry


The Fior di Sardegna resort is located in an area surrounded by real naturalistic oases so preserved by nature, and now by man, that the beaches of this corner of Sardinia have been awarded the 5 Legambiente sails of honour. 

The clear, crystalline sea characterizes the beaches of this area. The closest, just 400 meters from the resort, is the San Giovanni beach.

San Giovanni

The beach of San Giovanni is the natural extension of the Fior di Sardegna Resort: it is located just 400 meters from the hotel and is easily accessible via a short path.

This beach has the hotel area with deck chairs and umbrellas; we suggest you book a place in this area before arrival.

The San Giovanni is a long beach with light, fine sand. The crystalline sea is particularly suitable for families with children because it has a shallow, sloping, limpid seabed that is typical of Sardinia. 

This is an ideal beach for those who love tranquillity. Furthermore, you can enjoy a view of a pond with pink flamingos near the beach, in front of Monte Longu.

La Caletta

Not far from the town of Posada, there is the La Caletta beach, located near Siniscola.

The beach looks like a half-moon about five kilometres long; it has sinuous white sand dunes bathed by a crystalline sea and is covered with centuries-old junipers.

The beach is embraced by a cool pine forest. Thanks to the winds that often beat on this part of the coast, we recommend this beach to our sporty guests for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Close to the mouth of the river is the Bau Beach dedicated to 4-legged friends.

1.3 Km

This beach is of fine sand and crystal clear waters, with beautiful transparencies and a fascinating play of colours between blue and turquoise. The seabed is of medium depth and is mainly sandy.

Tiriarzu beach is surrounded by thick vegetation full of brooms, from which it takes its name: the panorama here is particularly evocative.

Orvile and Iscraios

The beach of Orvile has light sands and transparent water; the sea here is iridescent, passing from shades of green to blue. 

Surrounded by an expanse of dunes and a very pleasant pine forest, it has a large wetland area that includes the mouth of the Rio Posada and several of its branches, as well as the Longu pond. 

A real paradise for nature photography and birdwatching enthusiasts: the ponds and the nearby dune system offer the most patient observers an immemorial spectacle of the wild nature and avifauna present here, where various species of birds, including wonderful pink flamingos, live.
Subscarios means “swamp”. 

Berchida and Bidderosa

It is true that compared to the beaches mentioned so far, these are a little more distant. However, they are worthy of the sacrifice because they are a marvel of Sardinia.

Bèrchida is a magnificent, long and extensive beach; its one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The beach is a secluded and peaceful area that is suitable for those wanting poetry in the sea to regenerate their spirit and excite new emotions. 
Next to it, the river Berchìda flows into a small pond, and there are also two archaeological areas in which the remains of the Conca Umosa and Paule e’ Luca nuraghi stand.

South of Bérchida is the Bidderosa Oasis, another wonderful place. The Bidderosa consists of five coves of fine white sand with a shallow seabed; it is set in a park of 860 hectares of unspoiled nature, an unparalleled oasis in which it is easy to spot pink flamingos and herons.

Access to the oasis is limited, so we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance.